Buckeyes on Our Path

The boys and I went for a walk this morning through a bird sanctuary in park near us. It was a beautiful September morning. Flowers were still in bloom. Nuts were falling off trees. The weather was perfect. Anders gets credit for this picture.
This picture of a mossy log was the least fuzzy of the ones Nils took.
When we got home we had a backpack pocket overflowing with buckeyes (there was a spot on the trail where at least 50 nuts where scattered about--not to mention the ones off the trail), a few acorns and a couple of bottle caps (don't report us for taking the out of the park, please).
They didn't go out of the house too willingly at first. And for a while, Anders was crawling along the trail before we even got to the bird sanctuary. But after we got there (and despite the mosquitoes which seem to have come out all of the sudden in September), they enjoyed the walk (I tried doing a "scavenger hunt" along the way to motivate them). Fresh air, exercise and time in creation are always good for the spirit.

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