No Camping, But The Sermon's Done

This weekend the boys and I was supposed to go camping with a friend from church and his kids. I also was asked to give the sermon at church tonight. In light of not getting much sermon work done during the week, I needed to have the weekend to finish writing and practice going through the sermon. So, we didn't end up going camping. Which was okay--though I did really want to go.

It was okay because on Thursday we had rain all day. Some parts of the state had 10 inches. Many roads were under water. I much prefer dry camping. Especially with two boys.
It was also okay because my aunt came up to stay with us for the weekend. She had a funeral to attend. It was good to have time with her. Plus, Anders had soccer yesterday, so he was able to go to that and have time with his best friend. We got to show her around our new and old neighborhoods on the way to and from the game, as well as a quick stop at the Sculpture Garden.
So despite some distractions this weekend, I'm mostly ready for church tonight (I'm hoping to go through it a couple more times). I'm praying God speaks, at least.

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