Good Friday

Another drawing that Anders made last night during church illustrates Good Friday. The Roman soldiers are in the lower left. I believe the lower right corner shows some of the women crying over what is happening. I'm not sure why, but the crucifixion appears to be taking place in the clouds with a rainbow--which maybe is fitting as the rainbow was a sign of God' promise not to destroy the earth by flood. But in this case it shows God saving the earth through blood. At the bottom are two speech balloons that show exactly why such a horrible event can be called "Good Friday." Jesus is saying "I love you." And the smaller balloon is from God saying, "Me too."

Yes, it is our sins--our evil, perverse, vile deeds against God, against each other and even against ourselves--that put Jesus on the cross. It was a horrible place for the son of God to be--one of the most terrible forms of death. But He went through it for our sake. Because He loves us and desires to spend eternity with us. Amen.

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