Maundy Thursday: Why Me?

Maundy: from the Latin mandatum; meaning commandment; as in "A new commandment I give to you: Love each other" (John 13:34)

Anders drew this picture tonight during our Maundy Thursday service at church. Jesus is saying, "I will wash your feet." Peter is off to the side replying, "Why me?"

It indeed is a "Why me?" moment. Why would the Creator of the universe stoop so low as to cleans my dirty, stinky feet? Answer: He loves me. He loves you. He loves us all.

Tonight, as we washed each others' feet at church, we first went to the table. Alone (though I went with the boys to help them). Jesus was our host as we took the bread and dipped it in the cup. It was another "Why me?" moment. Why do I get to come to the table, sinful as I am? Again: He loves me.

Sometimes when I come to the table I am Judas--willing to betray Jesus. Sometimes I am Peter--headstrong and thick-headed. Sometimes I am Thomas--needing a little more proof. Sometimes I am James and John--wanting my place beside Jesus. All twelve disciples were there at the table. None came perfect. Most didn't get Jesus until well after He had risen. But He loved them. And in their imperfect ways, they loved Him (I believe even mis-directed Judas had love for Jesus). The table was for them. To remember Him.

It was there at the table that they would learn to take up their cross. Indeed, the majority of them would be put to death for their faith. Taking up their cross wasn't just a figure of speech--it was a reality. And along the way, they learned to wash feet--to serve each other, even the lowliest among them.

And tonight, as we washed each other's feet--as my young sons washed my feet--I was caused to remember that I was the lowliest there. There is nothing special about me. Nothing that elevates me above anyone else. But God loves me. And that's more than enough. And it's reason to love others--and wash their feet.

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