Vanity, Thou Art a License Plate

I snuck this picture of a vanity plate while I was pumping gas the other day. "Glorify" on a Mercedes. If I were more of an extrovert, I would have asked about it. The driver did tell me that it was his first $80 fill up (I thought the $50 fill up for our "SUV" was bad enough). But I would have asked what he's glorifying. It's an odd word to put on a vanity plate.

We all glorify something: a car, our job, our paycheck, our home, our lake house, our kids, ourselves, God. We know what we glorify by what we invest in--and how we invest in it. Some things are worth glorifying. Often, we glorify things that don't really deserve it. Some things will last; others won't.

Each one of us is allowed to glorify what we desire. Be it a car or a deity. I know I waste a lot of time on things that don't matter. And that's what's important to me--that I use my time wisely (I'm working on it).

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