Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today

This last weekend I officiated at a wedding in Iowa. It was the seventh wedding I've done, I believe. The majority have involved people who were on my staff at Bible Camp (and they almost all happened to also be in the youth group we used to be volunteer leaders of).

I enjoy doing weddings--especially when I know the couple. It's fun to get to know them during pre-marital counseling and hear their stories. It's a blessing to get to be a part of their journey as they begin a new life together.

After the reception we headed two hours up the road to a second wedding (another camp couple). This one we just got to sit and watch. Which was nice. The boys did really well for sitting through two weddings. And it was fun to see a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while.

Marriage, as I see it, is something ordained by God to be done in the church. The government can issue civil unions to anyone, as far as I see it, but marriage should be the church's business. I preached off of Paul's text in Ephesians where he compares marriage to Christ's love for the church. Marriage is where--among other places--we practice God's love for one another, putting aside our selfish will. Through it God uses us to bless others.

May God use you to be a blessing to many, Anndee & Billy and Tyler & Molly. And may He bless you for years to come in your marriage.
(Picutre by Courtney Wall)

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