Pleading for Summer to Come

Our warmest days so far this year were in May: before school was out, before the wading pools in the public parks were filled. It has, for the most part, been a cool and rainy June.

We in Minnesota (as well as our neighbors around the upper Midwest) have a deep fondness of summer. It's rooted in the Scandinavian blood most of us have. We put up with (and even learn to enjoy if we're willing) long, five to six month winters for the pure delight of the three months of summer.

When summer comes, we revel in it. We stay up until the sun goes down, being outside as much as we can. We grill our food and eat outside. We move to the porch or patio instead of the living room. We doing more biking and taking walks. The lakes are our sanctuary on hot, humid days.

And that is why I'm begging for "real" summer to come. I'm praying for sunshine and warmth (heat up those lake waters, please).

We're still taking advantage of what we can. We've been cooking out and eating in the yard. Friends have been joining us.

Last night we took in one of our favorite summer events: picnicking and enjoying a concert at Lake Harriett. Friends joined us there, too.

We still have to go camping yet. That is one of our "musts" of summer. It'll happen. We have some dates scheduled for later. Our schedule has just been fairly busy for getting away to camp. But we will. Right now is actually the best camping weather (aside from the rain). But I'm still praying for sunshine and warmth. We'll make the most of the next few months no matter what weather is handed to us, but it sure helps if we have some sunny days.

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