Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we went up to Covenant Pines Bible Camp for their Work & Worship Weekend. For a very minimal price, we help get the camp ready for summer by working for a day and a half, and we get Sunday to enjoy the day. It's the place I'd most prefer to be on Memorial Day Weekend...other than with my Grandmother planting graveside flowers.

Most of our church attended the weekend. It happened to be my birthday on Sunday as well. That day we, along with several other families from our church, signed up for "The Big Switch." In this version we canoed across a couple lakes and partway up a river and switched with the other half of the families who met us there on a hay ride. Along our paddle we came across a bald eagle sitting in a tree and two trumpeter swans gliding across the lake.

There was quiet nature and fun with friends. That combination makes for a great weekend. Of course the weekend is meant to be fore remembering those who have died--especially in war. It was originally formed on May 30 shortly after the end of the Civil War. That day was chosen because no major battles had been fought on it. It was a day to remember and reconcile, striving toward unity together. I guess spending a weekend with people from church is a decent way of working toward unity together--at least in my book.

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