A Poem for Summer

The boys pant slightly
As their legs pump
The pedals on their bicycles
Up a long, steady hill.
Sweat beads up under
Our helmets as we
Ride through neighborhoods
Of old two-story Victorians
And Ranch-styles with
A variety of flowers
In bloom as we head
To our friends' house.
Vegetables on the grill
Sizzling with olive oil;
A sweet smell rises
From searing meat.
Water droplets bead up
On the outside of glasses,
And a cool breeze
Brings some relief
From the sun's rays
Which seem so much hotter
Once you step
Of the tree's shade.

Good friends gathered
Beneath the canopy
On chairs made of wicker
And woven plastic strips,
Eating, laughing, talking,
Picking pieces from
Corn on the cob
From between their teeth.
In the glow of
A string of lights,
A plate of strawberries,
Bananas, and chocolate-coconut
Sauce drizzled over
Vanilla ice cream
Slowly disappears.

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