Bike Ride Pause

Sunday morning, after my wife gets back from her run, is usually my time to get in a bike ride. A real bike ride. Not one with the boys where I'm needing to go as slow as possible at times. A bike ride where my heart rate increases, my muscles burn, and my glasses have beads of sweat dripping in them. 

That was my intention. After the 8th time of my chain derailing and getting wedged between the gears and the frame (I've been meaning to get it back to the shop where my wife bought it but obviously will be making sure that happens this week) I decided God was trying to tell me to stop. 

So I am. I've let my frustration go, got back into my neglected Bible reading, and had a little prayer time. I guess the summer has been more "go, go, go" than "slow." 

Sometimes spiritual life and growth seems daunting. But more than a checklist, it's about relationship which is probably why it seems daunting to me. I'm not great with relationships. 

But sitting along the river, feeling the breeze, listening to the sounds of birds in the trees and runners and cyclist passing by I am finding a moment of restful pause. A moment to be with God. 

And I may not feel like I'm doing very well in that time with God. But in doing it. And that's exactly what I need to do right now. There will be another time for a bike ride--assuming that I get back to the car. 

Post Script: After a nice break, the chain only had one issue on the ride back to my car (yes, I drove down to the river--I'd rather spend my time along the hills there than the big, nasty one near our house coming back up from the river). Was it really God telling me to stop and pause or was it just a bike that is in need of a tune-up? I think both. Either way, a pause was just what my soul needed.

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