Scenes From a Sleepover

Our oldest son turns 9 tomorrow. For his birthday, instead of throwing a party with nine friends (we've been letting them invite one friend for each year of age), we let him have his first sleepover. We mutually decided two friends was a good starting point (which made it easier to plan, but harder for him to chose who to invite--friends were going to get left out, which is hard for him, but it was also the Fourth of July weekend, so not everyone was available anyway).

It was all fairly simple. Any free time was spent playing with Legos or looking at Pokemon cards. We didn't plan much, other than the obstacle course, which our youngest son made sure happen. Low-key, but fun and enjoyable: that's our motto.
Eating some yummy grilled food outside.
Followed by a birthday fruit-cicle with a candle in it.
A obstacle course has become almost mandatory. Complete with water hazards. Which ended up in a water fight, of course.
The boys just changed into pajamas after being wet. They had a little time playing on the Wii together. Then they watched Swiss Family Robinson. They were pretty tired out by that point, so they got some decent sleep! (Having been up late the night before for fireworks may have helped this, too.)
After breakfast we decided to go to Home Depot to partake in their Kid's Workshop.
So happy birthday, to our robot-and-clone-trooper drawing, empathetic, soccer-ball kicking, bicycle-riding, swimming-and-diving, comic-book-reading nine-year old. It seems like yesterday that we were driving to the hospital in Lake City, Iowa. I can't wait to see how you grow in the next nine years!

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