Crisp Air

It's cold. That's one of the amazing things I discovered biking the half mile to work this morning. Actually, the morning usually isn't as bad as going home. Then I'm often heading into the wind and the air tends to be a bit colder after sundown.

As cold as it has been, there are still large patches of open water on the lake. I have a feeling that will change soon. I'm sure the few geese that are left around are thankful for it. The whiteness on the ground does help spruce up the brown, harvested fields.

I had my employee review today. It's actually not that bad. I know the things I need to work on, and Joel (the executive director) is always willing to help provide resources and guidance.

I also got to share the news with the staff (and now with you) that we're expecting this next summer. That, of course, provides all sorts of new things to focus on in prayer. God's timing is funny: we've been trying for years, and now it happens, but in the middle of the summer (which is extremely busy for us). I know He has something in store--after all, His timing is perfect. I'm just waiting to see what He's thinking.

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