Faith II

The funny thing is, God DOES what He is supposed to. I just overlook it or don't have the patience to wait for His timing. Actually, I think I do have the patience. I just don't like it to come down to the last minute. I guess that is sometimes God's way--sometimes it just needs to be obvious that it was He who did it. Then we've got no excuse. But we often do make up excuses to deny God's involvement. God does say in the first chapter of Romans that people are without excuse for believing in God. He's created enough wonders and done enough miracles that no one has good reason to deny Him. Yet, we keep coming up with reasons for doing so. Sometimes I think it takes more faith not to believe in Him than it does to do so. As for me, I'm happy with the kind of faith I've got (that's not to say that there's not room for me to grow in my faith, but that I survive with my faith in God).

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