Faith III

Yesterday I was icing down the toboggan chute. Currently there is a good-sized hole in the lake, even though the rest of the ice is around a foot or more thick. It was fairly cold yesterday so the ice was freezing well. In fact, you could see cracks forming in the ice, just standing there. Other places were pushed together, so the ice rose up. The whole morning it was talking. Now if you haven't been around frozen bodies of water, this doesn't make sense. But as ice expands, it makes noises--kind of a cross between a whale and Treebeard (from the Lord of the Rings) talking. A good amount of faith is required to stand on frozen water in the first place--I've encountered many people who won't set foot on it, no matter how thick you tell them it is. But it requires even more faith to stand out there when you can see the ice cracking and it is constantly talking. At the same time, it's a beautiful moment--especially if its quiet and you're all alone.

I don't think any analogy needs to be drawn to our spiritual faith.

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