Still Cold

Okay, so I'm in Iowa. It's going to be cold in January. We expect this. But there gets a point where its cold enough where I'm allowed to complain a little.

Water wasn't cold enough to freeze before hitting the ground yesterday, but it froze within a second afterward. I never heard what the actual temperature got to. This morning, the meteroroligists were saying that they wind chill would be in the negative 20s.

I'm giving up riding my bike this week. Call me lazy, but there are parts of me that I don't want to freeze.

There are a group of inmates from a nearby correctional facility that work out here during the week when we don't have campers around. The amazing thing is that some of them still keep on smoking in this weather. And of course we only allow smoking outside. And they're doing it in this weather. I guess it shows how addictive cigarettes are. I can't think of another reason why someone would voluntarily stand outside for a few minutes in this cold.

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