Do you ever just have times when God isn't doing what He is supposed to? I'm waiting for God to provide something for ministry that is much needed in a timely manner. I've been praying about it and trusting Him, but He hasn't shown me the resources I need. Now I know He's not a cosmic vending machine, but I also know that He provides. Then I begin to wonder if I need to do more on my part. Or does going beyond what I need to do negate the trust/faith part and turn it into leaning too much on myself? Sometimes it feels like it can be a thin line to walk. Maybe I've taken the unbiblical notion that "God helps those who help themselves" to heart. I know its not true, but . . . I guess its always better to err on the side of trust. Can you trust to much? I mean I'm not just going to sit in a room and trust that God will provide me with food and water there everyday and not do anything to get it myself. I'm not going to trust that God will get me to work without me biking there or getting in my car.

Well, I'd better get back to trusting and praying.

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