And Back Again

After getting up at 4am (PST) and having 3 flights, we got back to the Midwest on August 8. The boys did fairly well, considering. They were actually great fliers--just had a hard time with the 3+ hour layover in Salt Lake City.

The wedding went well--a nice ceremony, if I do say so myself. It was fun to see everyone there. We had several opportunities to see friends that we've missed the past 5 months.

We had a wonderful time with my family--Anders loves his cousins (and Farfar & Farmor, of course). We were reminded, however, that we don't miss the humidity that came with the 90 degree weather.

We also had a great time with Beth's family. It rained the whole time we were in Wisconsin and was only in the70s most of the time. But people still enjoyed the party for Mormor's 70th birthday party (even if it was in a park shelter house during a rainy day).

And now we're back home. We landed about 10:30 (PST--which was 2 hours later than we'd adjusted to over the past 2 weeks). We had some mishaps--which I won't go into here--but we're back in BC and recovering from the trip. Which I'm trying to do very quickly before I take the youth group on a camping trip tomorrow.

I'll try to get more pcitures from the trip up after I'm back.

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