A Wet Sasquatch

On Friday we took the youth group camping to Hicks Lake at Sasquatch (as in Bigfoot) Provincial Park. It was about an 70+ miles (if my kilometer-mile conversion is close) east of us, up in the foothills. Very beautiful scenery (sorry, I didn't get pictures of that before we left). We were still recovering from 2 weeks of being gone (Beth wasn't planning on going until the morning of, when she decided that the boys had slept well that night). And we didn't have as big of a group going as we would have preferred, but it was a good group of people to be with. Thankfully, Cherie from our church came with us because she had organized the camping trip last year, so she was a wealth of information and help.

We introduced the kids to some new cooking techniques: melting chocolate chips & mini marshmallows in a banana on the fire (they had actually tried this unsuccessfully before), making muffins in an orange and cooking bacon and eggs in a bag (see pics below).

However, not long after breakfast on Saturday morning, it started raining. And it kept raining. By shortly after lunch we decided that even if it did stop, everyone's belongings were wet enough (the tents had a few leaks) that it was going to be a soggy, cold, miserable night. So we headed back to our place for supper. We tried to talk the kids into camping out in our basement, using our fireplace to make smores, etc., but no one was up to that. Crazy, huh? Anyway, plans change. It was quite disappointing. Especially when this has been planned for a long time (I had to make the reservations back in May, and I knew the campout was a must when we came here). We were all really looking forward to the weekend together. And we prayed hard that the rain would stop. I know that there could be some good reason that God sent the rain to get us home instead of camping there. But nothing is obvious. Sometimes crappy things just happen. Sometimes crappy times turn into good memories. And sometimes crappy things do turn into blessings with hindsight. We live inside time--Providence knows no such limits.

1. Nils sucking on the water container
2. A game of Skip-Bo
3. The girls around the campfire
4. Beth cooking breakfast in a paper bag
5. Proof that bacon and eggs can be cooked in a bag

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