I took apart Nils' crib this morning. He's been doing night time and nap time in his "big boy bed" for about a week now. And he stays in bed! We weren't sure that he would. There was a nap several days ago where he had gotten out of his bed so I put him in his crib, only to discover later that he had climbed out. (Truthfully, we were both surprised that it took this long for him to attempt that.)

So, we've got a big boy on our hands. Next week we have to take him to the hospital to get a tooth extracted. We're a bit worried about how that's going to go--they have to put him under. It's not easy to see your child go through anything painful. But usually pain is necessary. Either it helps them learn the consequences of their actions or it helps them get healthy. Sometimes the pain just helps draw us closer to God. But the pain also sucks. It's terrible to go through most of the time. Yet, I know it wouldn't do any good for me to be able to take away the pain from Nils. It wouldn't really help him in away.

Sometimes it's not easy to see them grow up. I think its partly because as I see them get older, I know I'm getting older. And my time here is short and I haven't used it that wisely all the time. But you can't keep them little for ever. And they're growing really well. I'm proud of both of my big boys.

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Jane D. said...

Exciting! I'm proud of your big boys too...and of their parents! Congrats on the new niece! When is Nils tooth extraction so I can pray for you all then? How true on the pain comments...but such a hard one too.