My Little Angels

This is Anders' picture from Sunday School last week. He's a great colorer, but I most love the fact that his people aren't just white in his pictures. It helps that only a handful of kids in his class are white. The Kingdom of Heaven will be like that. I'm glad he sees it already.

Nils has started saying his own prayers lately. He's actually started in pretty much the same way that Anders did: by looking around and thanking God for what he sees (plus he usually remembers MorMor, FarFar, FarMor, Aunt Amy, Bella, Uncle Wilder, Aunt April and Baby Riley). It's a good reminder for me to be grateful of all that is around me.

Right now, I wish they were the angels that they sound like at times. I hate having to discipline them during bedtime. Nils has been asserting his independence lately. Everything he does, he has to do it by himself. If I've already opened the door, he has to have it shut so he can open it by himself. He spends eighteen minutes in the bathroom washing his hands (playing in the water, mostly--today I found him sitting in the sink). It's good for him to learn to do things, but it gets frustrating when we're trying to get somewhere and he has to open the car door himself (which he can't do), climb in by himself and get in his seat by himself--which doesn't help the time crunch. They're helping me really develop my patience more. And I love them completely.

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Jane D. said...

I love those boys too! Give them big hugs from Auntie Jane!