Less than a Month

We're just under a month away until we move into our new house. We're very excited about it--at a bit nervous yet. We still have to decide upon insurance and look into a few other things, but everything is coming along.

Things I'm excited about:
Not having to maintain a stash of quarters for doing laundry
Being able to compost instead of having to throw away
Garden space
More room to move about and not having to store things in our garage
Room to invite people over

Things I'm going to miss:
A good sledding hill next door (thankfully, we've still got a park practically next door)
"Utilities included"
Anders' school and his friends
The convenience of our neighborhood--we're easy to get to, right off the interstate, near a few shopping areas, near a nature center, etc.
And most of all, good neighbors

But we're only moving 7 miles, so it's not like much has to change. But, still, even after just two years here, we've grown fond of this place and the people here. And I know that can happen wherever we go--we'll make more friends and connections.

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Ariah said...

Soon to be neighbors!