God created Adam by shaping the dirt
Then breathing His own breath
Into the artwork made
In His image.

Millenia later,
After Jesus returned to Heaven,
God breathed life into His people again.
He sent His Spirit,
Like tongues of fire,
Like a rushing wind,
Upon people from many races
Gathered together to celebrate Shavout,
Marking the 50 days after the Exodus,
When Moses received the Commandments
From God upon the mountain.

As Jesus was "Immanuel"--
God with us--
God is still with us
As the Holy Spirit has been poured out
Upon all believers.

God's breath in us,
He guides us, directs us,
If we allow ourselves to follow Him,
Choosing His will--
His good, pleasing, perfect will--
Over our own.

The Spirit did not just descend
Upon one person, however.
It descended upon the nations.
Together we must do His will.
Together we display His image.
Together we are the church.

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