Yesterday the boys and I (Beth unfortunately had to work) drove over to Sanctuary and rode a bus to St. Paul to attend the morning worship service that ended our denomination's annual meeting. Our two of our pastors were ordained at it (one of them also having just been elected to be superintendent of one of the conferences in our denomination).

I always love attending denominational worship events. They do a wonderful job of including so many worship elements, but also blending them in one meaningful time. I also love the diversity of them. Scripture was read in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English. Denominational leaders from Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa were present and involved in laying-of-hands on the ordinands.

That evening we attending a picnic and worship service with the other church we're attending. Our pastor there also was ordained, so we celebrated with a fiddler and caller. There was a lot of great dancing.

My favorite part was when the boys decided they finally wanted to try a few steps at the end of the evening and danced together. It was very cute.

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