Home Help

We had the opportunity to go over to our soon to be new house this past week and meet some of the crew who had been working on gutting and redoing the building in the past year or so. They call the group "The Quick Silvers" because most of them are retired guys.

There was also a group of high schoolers working in a house across the street that had heavy damage, but is being redone for a single mother of four to move into. Several of them had been in the crew that first worked on our house. The guys from Urban Homeworks brought them over to see our house to give them hope, as those who had worked on it didn't think anything would come of it.

We share a lot of thanks with those who volunteered on our house in the past year. We're blessed to have the opportunity to move into it (we close on Friday and hope to have most of our possessions moved in by Saturday).

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