Work & Worship

We spent our Memorial Day weekend at Covenant Pines Bible Camp in northern Minnesota for their Work & Worship Family Camp. Basically, you go free (paying a little for meals) in exchange for helping the camp get some work done before their summer camps start. We worked all day Saturday. I scraped and painted a cabin while the boys and Beth picked up sticks (Beth traded off at the end).

On Sunday we had chapel in the morning followed by a "hay" ride. The rest of the day was free time.

I got in on a rousing game of human foosball.

The boys and I went out on a boat and some some loons.

And the boys spent plenty of time playing on the cable ride, play center and other places with their new friends.

On Monday we had a flag raising and Memorial Day. Many people in attendance had family members or friends who had given their lives in the armed forces, served or are currently serving.

I think the part we enjoyed most were some of the relationships we developed in the few days there. We enjoyed the company of several families--most were from the same church, and we got to join them in their own prayer times before meals.

Of course, any time on a lake in the north woods is a good time.


Jane D. said...

Yay for time at camp! Maybe some time we can do it together!

Deborah said...

I enjoy reading your blog from time to time David. This time around - I especially like the photos of your youngest son with the sculpture, and what you had to say about the tv show Community. I also really enjoy it.

Rev. Dave said...

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're enjoying it.