One Week Later

We've been in the house for a week now. We've still got things to unpack (we're waiting for some shelves for the kitchen cabinets that were on back order), but we're getting fairly settled. We're still adjusting some to the move from the 'burbs to the city. Mainly it's the noise levels that we're not used to: right now there are firecrackers going off in the evening (and afternoon), a lot more bass coming out of car speakers, and our neighbors are 10 feet away.

We're also contending with the fact that ice cream trucks drive by several times a day--the boys learned what the trucks were when my parents were here. Thankfully, my wallet is empty, so I've got an excuse.

We love having visitors (and we now have a guest room if you want to stay overnight). Our friend Amy Mingo (who introduced us to Urban Homeworks who we worked through to get the home) has been by twice. I'm borrowing a few pictures she took so you can see the outside at least. But please feel free to stop by if you're close. Urban Homeworks will be helping us have an open house at some point. We'll let you know when.

We appreciate prayers for us in our new neighborhood as we try to build relationships (so far, I've only gotten to talk with the man who lives behind us; his Ecuadorian accent is still quite thick). But, I should stop spending time here and get back to unpacking and housework. Maybe we'll find some time to explore our neighborhood a little more today, too.


Ariah said...

Looking forward to stopping by sometime. Peace.

Ef said...

very nice home!