Clicking Trees & Rugby

Before supper, Anders and I went outside to do a little tricycle riding. And we heard some excited yelling while we were out there, so walked over to the playing field at Earl Marriott Secondary School (home of the Mariners) which is at the south end of the park behind the house. It was a rugby game. A new experience for us. I'll have to look up the rules on wikipedia later (I learned the finer points of curling from there recently while watching some of the curling championships).

On our way back home I heard this odd clicking noise. At first I thought it was squirrels nibbling through acorns or something, but there were no squirrels or even birds in the trees. I decided that it must be the pine cones opening up. It was quite serendipitous. If it wasn't supper time and I didn't need to try and push a whining two-year old and his tricycle through the grass up to our house, I could have sat there for a while just listening to the clicking trees.

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