The Urban/Wilderness Clash

Today when I got to church I looked out the window in my office and saw two deer muching on the hillside behind the church. (aside: there's a group of Japanese girls who are in Surrey this month on an exchange and are doing classes at the church almost every day. I told their leaders about the deer and soon I was seeing the flash of cameras. They're normally pretty chatty, but it got quiet as they watched the deer grazing. I guess that's the power of the wilderness) I also watched a hawk sitting in a cedar tree outside the window, peering into the foliage below for a tasty morsel. Despite the rain, nature still goes on.

I mentioned the deer to Bruce. There was a sense of frustration over the fact that they eat all the plantings in the prayer garden. I was just glad to see them--we had a family that would frequent our yard and grove back in Iowa. So for me they were a welcome sight--especially since being in a metropolitan area again. Apparently coyotes make their way around.

For the most part, city and rural get along well in Surrey & Langley next door. It's refreshing to see agriculture as we're driving down the highway in the midst of city. But the local wildlife doesn't always appreciate it the same way. I think they try to do their best, but animals don't seem to understand the etiquette of staying out of gardens. And civilization gets frustrated when we encroach on habitats, but the inhabitants don't know how to respond to civilization.

There may be parallels there to being in the world and not of it. You can explore that for yourself if you desire. Ad for me, I'm going to call it a day.

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