The Sun Shines

After I was done at church this afternoon, we hit the beach (as did about half the peninsula), since it was the first time we had seen sun in a while. It was really the first time all of us had been to the ocean here. Anders and I looked through the shells that were on the beach during low tide-- investigating the tiny crabs and snails. And of course there were plenty of rocks and even the occasional crab claw left behind by a bird.

We had a sack to fill with shells and rocks. Beth won the contest for biggest shell--a cockle larger than my fist--but it had a resident.

The north side of the beach we were on was mud. Anders got a shoe stuck at one point. The southwest side was sandier, but it was also windier, so a little cooler for the wee ones.

You may be able to pick out the mountains north of the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area) in the background. The clouds lifted enough for us to see them again (it's only been the second or third time we've had the sun out since we've been here).

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