Happy Mother's Day

Okay, I'm a few hours early (but only 2 1/2 if you're in the Midwest), but we probably won't be around the house much tomorrow to post then. So Happy Mother's Day. I don't have any easy pictures of Mom to post, so instead I'll post some of the boys, because that's what Mom would prefer anyway.

We spent a bit of the day at a park where Beth had a church league double-header today. The park is about an hour east of us, near the mountains. It doesn't have any bathrooms or water (which no one is happy about--especially after driving an hour and being there for 3 more hours). But that's not the point.

Beth's the one who gets to play since she's home with the boys all the time. So, I watch the boys while she plays (except for Nils emergency feeding times when Beth's not in the field or up to bat). We usually play in the playground for a while and then Anders is usually up for watching some of the game (or hanging out with the other kids who are there). So that's Beth up to bat, Anders doing his favorite thing--climbing, Nils looking not-so-thrilled to be on the slide and Anders playing with his friend Keenan. So, there's the grandkids, Mom. We miss you and love you very much. Happy Mother's Day!

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