Happy Victoria Day

Today is Victoria Day. Obviously, it's in honor of Queen Victoria (May 24 was her birthday)--and they also celebrate the reigning monarch. In theory. We didn't really hear of any celebrations (other than the Cloverdale Rodeo)--though I think they do more of the celebrating out on the island--you know, around Victoria--that would make sense, wouldn't it? The funny thing is that no one even calls it Victoria Day. It's usually referred to as Long Weekend. Or Two-Four weekend is also acceptable (since it falls on the Monday that fall closest to May 24; though it's also a double-entendre since two-four is the Canadian slang for a 24-pack of beer, which is what is typically consumed during the

On Saturday, we went to a youth hockey game tournament that one of our youth group kids was in--we had a great time with his family, and Anders really did well. He paid attention through two whole periods. Yesterday we stayed in because it rained almost all day (which apparently is common on Long Weekend) and went for supper at the home of a family from church. Today we just spent some time gardening and went to a park before supper (Anders is getting quite adventurous--he hung from the top of the jungle gym, about 6ft up--and dropped to the ground). That was it. It's actually been pretty nice not doing much--everyone is out of town or doing other things. The roads have been fairly empty.

So there you are. Happy Victoria Day. God save the Queen.


Snowbound in Iowa said...

Okay so I feel a bit lacking in knowledge, does Canada still have a monarch?

Rev. Dave said...

Really no one has a good, clear concept of what the relationship with the Queen is. Her picture is on all the currency, but that's about the extent of it. Canada, along with most countries from the old British empire, is technically a commonwealth. My understanding is that that means that they have easier trading and reciprocation of things with each other. I don't think the Queen has any say over how the country is run.

Breanna said...

You have Canada money... can you use that in Iowa?