Object Lessons

Tonight at youth group we were in Genesis 4 (Cain & Abel). We've gone through why were created [to be in relationship with God and others] and how sin entered the world through disobedience to God and how it separated us from God. So tonight we looked at what sin does (in Genesis 4 God talks about how sin is trying to attack and destroy us, and how God tells us to subdue and rule over sin).

We did the lesson on the balcony outside the youth room (there's a public confession to anyone from EECC). Right as we finished the lesson, a few kids from the Air Cadets (I'm not entirely sure--it's kind of like ROTC for high school) who rent the church building a few nights each week came into the youth room and took some of our suckers/lollipops. We're right outside the room and see all this happening. I happen to say something in a deep menacing voice like "Hey, stop stealing our candy." And the kids run out of the room and then come back a little later and put it back.

One of the youth group kids says, "I can't believe they did that." So I say, "Really? After what we've been discussing it's hard to believe that someone would sin?" So we quick talked about how sin is evident in kids since birth and our tendency is to give into sin. That's why we need to control sin; it's not enough to just try and avoid it. We have to actively try and master it because it's trying to destroy us. God's timing was perfect. As it always is.

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