Hockey Life Lessons

Well, Vancouver is out of the play-offs (loosing in the second overtime last night). They had a good run into the second round. Even though we've only been here two months, we had Canucks fever (well, as much as we could in that short of a time). Luongo is an amazing goalie. There seemed to be a quiet lull over the area today. Canucks flags have been everywhere--cars, homes, schools. A few weeks ago when Anders and I walked down to the library for pajama story time we saw a couple cars with those inflatable killer whale pool toys all decked out Canucks-style.

A week ago after Bible study we got home late (well, late for the boys' bed time) and Anders still needed a little food & milk before bed. He and I watched part of the Canucks game. We learned that even hockey players get time-outs (well, we had to put it in his language) if they disobey (the rules). So Anders learned that even the rules that Mamma & Pappa impose on him get lived out in real life (at least on the ice)--and that's a good lesson to learn, right?

As Red Green would advise, "Keep your stick on the ice."

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

Way to go on the timeout/rules & consequences lesson based on hockey! =) Miss you guys but love this connection. Praying for you all!