The 3-year Old

Yesterday was Anders' birthday. He thought that a whole lot of "bigness" happened when he turned 3. We hoped a lot of the "littleness" (the tantrums and such) would magically end. They didn't. But he had a good day. We opened some presents in the morning, and some more when I got home from lunch (before leaving for Beth's softball game). We happened to be opening presents from Far Mor & Far Far when they called on the phone (it was actually the first phone call we've had from them since we've moved here). Grandma Trumper was at their house, so we opened her present when she got on the phone. I guess it's the next best thing to being here. Anders got to play in the water park that was by the softball field. And after the game we stopped at MacDonald's for a birthday Happy Meal. Tomorrow is the big party (so expect more pictures).

He's really proud of this birthday. He hasn't stopped telling people (anyone--doesn't matter if he knows them or not), that he's three now. And we could end up with a few extra people at the party tomorrow--I hear he's been extending invitations. The funniest part is when people told him, "Happy birthday." He would reply back with the same. I guess everyone should have a happy day on Anders' birthday.

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