The following pictures are not for the squeamish:

These were some of our friends around our campsite. They make them huge out here. The pictures don't do justice. Most are 6-8 inches outstretched and bigger round than my thumb. We've seen 3 main kinds: the yellow ones with brown spots, the brown ones and the black ones (which are most prevalent). We have them around our house, too, but they were in abundance in the forest. Now aren't you glad you've gotten a preview of BC coastal slugs?


Snowbound in Iowa said...

Ewwww....gross! So you say this isn't for the squeamish, but who reads it anyway...me! Yucky!

Hog said...

I just want to know how many slugs did you eat? And which one was the most tasty?

- Hog

Rev. Dave said...

The yellow slugs with the brown spots are my favorite. They taste like frog legs. Which tastes like chicken.