Valderi, Valdera, My Knapsack on My Back

We had our first camping adventure in British Columbia (and our first one with all four of us). We went to Cultus Lake Provincial Park--about an hour east of here (probably only 40 miles or so). It's nestled in the foothills (we called them the mountains for all intensive purposes). The lake is in the valley between two mountains, so it's fairly deep--but not as cold as we thought it would be.

Anders has had some camping experience before, of course, so this was a walk in the woods for him (he actually kept asking to go for a walk through the forest). But it was all new for Nils. He was okay with the idea, except that he found that the great outdoors doesn't have tables, benches and other useful objects to hang onto so that he can walk around. He wasn't too happy sitting and being held more than he's used to lately (which means our plane trip next week is going to be interesting).

It was very peaceful to be in the forested mountainside after a long week. And despite all the other campers there, it was fairly quiet (Anders and Nils were the noisemakers--especially at 2am). And it's always good to see the Creator's works and see a bit of Him through that time away.

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

Now this is more my style! Gorgeous setting and fun times! Can I come join you all? I'd even get up at 2am with the boys! =)