Canada Day Observed

Today we made our way a few miles east of our house to Campbell Valley Regional Park--a place we'd wanted to hike for a while, but the weather hadn't cooperated with our opportunities yet. We just did a short 2.5km loop through the park, but enjoyed having our "nature hike" as Anders and I have been calling them. We saw a nice variety of ecosystems on the short walk--towering cedar forests, the wetlands along the river, spots of open grassland spotted with wild daisies. And plenty that we haven't been able to identify in our new location.

Afterward we went to a city park just north of there that we'd seen before. It had a small little play area (Anders had been having a hard time at Campbell Valley understanding that it was a park even though it didn't have a play area, so we made our way to a "real park"). They had a nice water play area that was a nice place to cool off (well it only got to 25C/77F, but it felt fairly warm).

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