The Birthday Party Aftermath

Today was Anders' birthday party with his friends. As you'll see, it was a Star Wars theme (Beth had actually picked out stuff over a year ago for it). We ended up with six additional kids (and 4 moms). For their privacy (since several of the kids' dads are RCMP), I'm keeping the pictures mainly to ones of Anders. As the kids arrived, they colored some lightsabers on paper. Then we went outside for a game of "Pin the Lightsaber on the Jedi" (1st picture). Next up was "Destroy the Death Star" (picture 2)--Anders is going over the top, but the goal was to get the bean bags through the holes on the front of the box. The kids ate outside with some TIE Fighter ties (made with hot dogs and breadsticks) and lightsabers and dip (pretzel & veggie sticks) with blue milk. Beth made a Millennium Falcon cake (picture 3), which was devoured fairly quickly (picture 4). Anders got more wonderful presents (picture 5); most of which were played with before bedtime. And so a good time was had by all.

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Courtney said...

Dave you must be so proud that you passed on the star wars gene.