1001 Steps

Last week we finally made it to a place at the west end of our peninsula that we'd seen on the map and had wanted to see for a while. The map simply names it 1001 steps. Of course, going down was quite easy. Going back up wasn't as bad as we expected (the steps down to the lower falls in Yellowstone were much worse). It would have been a little easier without a child on my shoulders. The sign touts the steps/stairs as going to the beach. When we got to the bottom we had to take a short trail through a hole in a chain-link fence across a railroad track and down a rocky embankment to get to the beach. Which, it was supper time and we weren't planning on staying there long anyway (we were going to grab some food and head to a different beach to try and fly kites--which it was too cold and a bit too windy to do, so we didn't, but we had fun picnicking and getting some mango-coconut gelatto and strawberry ice cream afterward).

Just up the road there's a spot on the map that's named 101 steps. I guess we'll save that for a less ambitious day.

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