Sacred Spaces

There were many wonderful sacred spaces at King's Fold. Most of my preferred ones were out of doors. But there were several good places to go to if you needed a roof over your head or a reprieve from the wind. The lodge had a "tower" that was a two-level prayer loft above the main floor. I enjoyed time there. And of course, the library was a favoured place for me. There was also a greenhouse (at one time functioning as their produce supplier) which now consisted of several chairs in front of the windows which faced the mountains and river valley.

These are scenes from the inside of the main chapel where we had worship and communion together each night. The table the Bible is on is a huge stone slab, reminiscent of Narnia's Stone Table.

This was the little chapel (a 4-seater) at the end of the "Road to Emmaus" prayer walk. I met with my spiritual director there each day.

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