Lest I Neglect . . .

I know, I've been short on pictures of Nils lately. And my mother reminded me tonight when we called her (Happy Birthday FarMor!) that she needs to see him, too. He's been getting more and more into eating (mind you, nothing is momunental yet, but he's coming along). And he's obviously enjoying it at times, as well!

He's also quite a bit more vocal. "Go" is his favourite word (more like "go, go, go, go, go"). Not that he's actually talking yet. But sometimes it seems like he's using it in a context he understands. The wonders of development.

I was reading an article today that's an assignment for a retreat I'm going on next week. It was about taking a spiritual audit (much like we have financial audits and such). It said that one of the questions we should ask ourselves is if we're maintaining a sense of awe of God. It's easy to do if we really observe what's around us: the beauty of creation, the wonders of the universe, the miraculousness of the physiology of the human body, the joy of children. What kind of marvelous Creator could come up with all this stuff? God is good. All the time. And all the time, God is good.

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