A New Province for my Checklist

I'm off to Alberta in a few hours for a revisioning retreat that is part of our denomination's grant for Sustaining Pastoral Excellence. While I'm excited about it, I'm a little apprehensive about spending a whole week with just me, my Bible, a handful of other pastors and God. You never know what He'll say. I'm also hesitant to leave my family behind for a week. It won't be easy to be away--from my wife, obviously, but also from the boys--especially when they're in a stage with a lot of fun development going on. (And pray for them here while I'm gone--that Beth will have good support and help from our church family and friends.)

Talk to you when I'm back!

(Moonrise over the mountains before leaving the airport in Abbottsford, BC)

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

I am definitely praying hugely for God's work at your retreat as well as for God's carrying Beth and the boys!