Daddy's Artwork

The next morning (Wednesday), after the playground experience (see blog below), I woke up early to see the sunrise. Actually, I first watched the full moon setting behind the mountains (it had been out all night and you could see the snow on the mountains very clearly). I was told that the morning before, the sunrise had been a beautiful pink that highlighted the mountains in the same colour. This morning didn't have the same brilliance to it, but it was amazing, nonetheless. While watching it, I had the thought come to me, "My Daddy made this." It was a great sense of pride and delight. Again, this is not how I would normally think or express myself. But I felt that that experience along with my afternoon hike the day before (and others I would have over the week), was God's way of telling me that it was more important for me to learn to just be His child rather than trying to do His work. It's God's place to work; it's my place to live in His love. Right after being given that phrase, I was able to enter into the chapel (the little one in the pictures below where I had spiritual direction each day) and continue in communion with my Father by partaking of the bread and the cup.

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