Ahhh, Autumn

Our first Fall in BC, and we've learned that Fall means rain. Lots and lots of rainy days. But we were blessed during the last part of last week with several days of sun and beautiful weather in a row. The nearby playground was fuller on Friday that I saw it all sumer.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a Sunday afternoon exploring drive. We went to Bear Creek Park (about 72 blocks north of our house). It was a fabulous day--and we thoroughly enjoyed the park. There aren't a lot of trees with spectacular Fall foliage in BC (mostly because so many are conifers, but most of the deciduous trees just fade to yellow then brown), but every once in a while we'll come across a very striking red maple or some other tree.

In the midst of the garden in the park ( there was also an athletic field with a football game going on, a water park and a wonderful playground that Anders spent most of his time on), there was a little "Chapel in the Woods." It was just a metal frame--no windows, walls or roof. There were just two little benches in it. And of course no religious symbols (though I can't think of many religions who call their place of worship a "chapel"). It was a fun little place. And maybe it does its job better than a lot of churches. After all, it's just you and the Creator there. And His creation is the sermon, and sitting and taking delight in the beauty of His creation, marveling in His awesomeness, is the act of worship (the first picture shows the chapel--notice the pulpit is turned away from the chapel; the second picture is a view from sitting inside).

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