The Skater

Last week Anders finished his "Boots to Blades" skating class. It wasn't so much lessons as just time to be on the ice and be on skates and see what it feels like. There was a lot of game-playing as well as coloring on the ice with markers (something I would have never thought of doing). Doesn't he look like quite the little hockey player (complete with Canucks jersey!). Yesterday he said when he grows up he wants to play hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, rugby and lacrosse. Ambitious, to say the least.
He can do a little bit on his own, but right now he prefers having a chair. And with it . . . he'll take off! He was seldom with his class; more often than not he was skating as far and as fast as he could. The other instructors said that he was well ready for the next level (which we'll probably look into starting soon).
He also enjoys getting pushed around as fast as his Pappa can go. We've taken Nils out in the stroller, too. He's not too fond of the helmet he has to wear. It won't be long before both boys surpass me on the ice (hey, we never had ice rinks with instructors around--we had to wait until the water outside froze!).

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

I miss those boys! And their parents too!