Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving's actually tomorrow, but I thought I'd share my sentiments now as tomorrow may be slightly busy (Anders' skating lessons in the morning & Thanksgiving dinner with friends in the afternoon). It's our first October Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is the same day as Columbus Day). It does feel a bit early to us (it didn't help that summer is only two months here, so everything seems sooner than usual). It is kind of nice to have it early so it doesn't bump in to Advent (along with the busiest shopping day of the year).

St. Paul (the apostle, not the city), reminds us that thanksgiving isn't a special holiday--it's a way of life. We're called to be thankful to God all the time for everything He gives us and does for us. For the big things like life, salvation, hope of eternity, good friends and loving families; but also for the little things that we tend to take for granted like sunsets, cleansing rains, roasted Almonds, playing Star Wars with Anders, Nils' smile, a good book,
garden-fresh tomatoes (which I've missed sorely this year), the beauty of the mountains, cuddling with my wife, Nanaimo bars, ice cream, walks in the woods, gathering sea-shells with the boys, campfires, and so much more. And we thank God for you, our friends and family with whom we're still able to share our lives with through our blogs.

Take time to reflect on on that God has done for you and given you--and may you find yourselves blessed beyond measure. God is good--all the time. Give Him thanks--all the time, and in doing so may you discover the joy of finding a God you can trust as Lord of your life as all good things come through Him. Amen.

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Snowbound in Iowa said...

I'm thankful for you guys too! Yesterday in SS opening Cindy was teaching the kids the Joshua song and it made me think of Anders (and all of you)...and then who should walk in to church but your sister Amy & your grandma Trumper (along with Melanie Powers Clark) and gave me a bit of Wenells to make me smile! Happy Thanksgiving!