Anders' Lyrics

Beth has probably shared more of Anders' version of the songs he sings--I know I've shared a few along the way. He's getting better as he gets older. But there's been one song that he keeps insisting on singing with his own lyrics (not that I'm forcing him to change, but I usually sing the real lyrics and then he gets upset). The song is "Do Lord" (not from his regular worship CDs--I think it's on a CD of songs that go with Bible stories. Instead of "Do Lord, oh do Lord, oh do remember me" Anders sings "Up to the Lord." I'm not sure what the meaning of that is for him, but he likes to sing it. And maybe, with his child-like faith, Anders knows that everything is up to the Lord--we all depend on Him. So, I guess the next time you find yourself "way beyond the blue" remember that it's all "up to he Lord."

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