Midsommar, Art(?) & Anniversary

Yesterday morning we headed down to the Swedish American Institute to partake in a little of the Midsommar celebration. I'm not sure why they celebrate it a week or so earlier than when Midsommarsdag is--but it was a nice day at least. We missed out on the raising of the Maypole and some of the other events, but we did get to hear some good Swedish folk music, watch some children dancing, eat some meatballs and see a little of the museum.

Anders thought the stained-glass knight window was cool. I tried to get a picture of Beth with some of Queen Silvia's formal gowns (which were displayed on loan from the royal palace), but I got chewed out for taking a picture (we never saw signs that said we couldn't, though).

My parents have been in town part of this week doing some work at my sister and brother-in-law's house. My other sister also came up to visit. They all took Anders and Nils for Saturday for an overnight so that Beth and I could celebrate our anniversary.

We went to the Walker Art Center downtown. Of the galleries we saw, all were modern art. I enjoy art. But honestly, some of it is a stretch for being called art. We were halfway through before I saw a name I recognized--and that was Yoko Ono. We did eventually see some works by Jasper Johns (who I only know of because of The Simpsons--that's were I get my culture) and Andy Warhol. I much more appreciate classical art like we saw at the Art Institute in Chicago. Some of it was interesting, but some was just perplexing--okay, most of it was (we're glad we could get passes from the library so it didn't cost us to experience it). Beth's favorite part was the gift shop. Of course we couldn't take photographs inside to let you enjoy it, but we have some of the outside. I love the juxtaposition of the modern art center with the old cathedral. They had a mini golf course outside the gallery which different artists had designed each hole; it was pretty cool. There's a sculpture garden there, too, with the famous spoon with a cherry on it. We'll go back sometime with the boys to walk through there.

It was time together, though, and that's what mattered to us. We went out for supper and finally got around to seeing The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It was the first movie we had gone out to in well over a year.

I'm extremely thankful for the past 11 years of marriage; I'm beyond grateful for my wife who has journeyed through it with me. We've had plenty of rough spots, and I don't think either of us thought that where we're at in life today is where we'd ever be. But it's good to be here together. And it's good to know that the years of marriage ahead of us are going to be better than the ones behind us--because we've committed to making them better, to making us better. I love you Beth. I'm thankful you said "yes." I would choose you again and again to be at my side.

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