A Stay-at-Home Dad

For the last two weeks--and for an indefinite time in the future now--I have been a stay at home dad. Beth was doing some work at a test correcting center and has just started her new full-time job at Target as a Team Leader. We didn't enter into this arrangement lightly. I searched for jobs for a while. Beth had grown up surrounded by stay-at-home moms, so she wasn't sure if she was comfortable being the "bread-winner." But she's also wanted the chance to have a career (hopefully in geology someday). And with our personalities, we think it'll be a better arrangement for the boys. I hoping to be able to add some extra income by writing.

So, we've embarked on a new journey (hmm, that seems to be a theme lately). And being a stay-at-home dad isn't easy. I'm working on being more disciplined at getting things done. But we've had some fun, too. One day this week we biked over to the nature center and had some snacks (top picture), hiked and played. Yesterday was very hot (I think it got above 90) so we took a quick trip to a beach near us for some swimming and had some snacks as well (bottom picture--Nils wasn't happy first about having to put a swim suit on instead of going nakey, then he wasn't happy about having to leave). It's fun to see them growing, too. They're both getting very good at the alphabet (in different ways, of course). Anders has stopped using his potty seat, his booster seat at the table and wearing diapers to bed.

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Jane D. said...

Hey brother, Just want to say I believe in you 100% in this new journey and role. I have no doubt you are and will be great in it! Your boys and your wife are blessed by you hugely. May God give you the energy and strength for the times when it's hard.