Wild Geese

Between the morning rain and lunch, the boys and I took a walk around the lake by our house. We took a snack break (peanuts) on a bench for a while. As we were eating, a family of Canada geese came walking up through the weeds out of the lake. The six goslings were interested in the peanut shells we were dropping. They came within a couple feet of us. It was fun to see them up close--the boys enjoyed it. But I also knew the danger as their mother and father were watching us closely, occasionally giving a warning hiss. The boys did a good job of just sitting still and watching them. As close as the goslings were, it would have been fun to reach out and pet their soft down. But I also knew that as cute, and docile as they seemed, these were wild geese. And any wild animal can be unpredictable and reactive.

That got me thinking about how we try to "domesticate" God. But, of course, God can't be domesticated. Anders and I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia again (again--we read them together when he was born, so I don't think he really remembers them). The Narnians know that Aslan is not a tame animal. He is wild. Mr. & Mrs. Beaver tell the Pevensie children that Aslan isn't safe, but he is good. We need to respect God's "wildness" and not try to make Him tame. After all, do we reallly want a tame God? I much rather enjoy spending time in the wild, rather in pet stores.

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